I am a full-time practitioner

who has been on every side of the NeuroMovement® experience.


My Areas of Focus

Children with Special Needs

I hold a mastery certification for working with children with special needs. When doing this work, I also bring my perspective and experience as a parent of a child with multiple disabilities. I have a personal understanding of the complexities that parents are juggling, and I collaborate without judgement. I also have over a dozen years of experience engaging with the local medical and therapeutic communities for children with autism and cerebral palsy, and am committed to listening to and promoting the voices of autistic and disabled self-advocates.

Older Adults, Adults Living with Disabilities, and High-Performing Adults

While I welcome all adult clients, I focus on working with adults for whom there are high stakes when it comes to the functioning of their bodies and minds. This includes older adults, adults living with disabilities, and high-performing adults whose use of their bodies is central to their craft (e.g., musicians, dancers, artisans, and surgeons). To support this work, I hold mastery certifications for high-performers and for vitality and anti-aging. I help adult clients unlearn years of pain tolerance and struggle. I help them (re)discover ease of movement, reduced-pain, or even pain-free movement, as well as increased strength and energy.


NeuroMovement® has changed the way I think, live, and parent.


Mother of a Child with Special Needs

It all started with my life as a mother. My son, Joshua, was born prematurely and has a dual diagnosis of cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorder. When he was six years old, I was told there was little more we could do to improve his gross motor function. I was willing to accept that because I wanted to focus on his abilities rather than his disabilities. However, I had been reading about neuroplasticity, so when on a friend's suggestion I attended a workshop with Anat Baniel, l was curious. I immediately recognized that her NeuroMovement approach offered a real chance of improving my son's quality of life. Within 12 months of starting NeuroMovement, Joshua learned to walk independently, contrary to the expectation of the local gait lab. He also learned to better regulate his emotions and connect with other people.


Former NeuroMovement Client

Intrigued by the results in Joshua, I became a client myself. NeuroMovement enabled me to resolve a challenging back injury that had resisted other forms of treatment and that I had come to accept as a permanent part of my life.


Full-Time Experienced Practitioner with Three Mastery Certifications

The fundamental principles of NeuroMovement immediately resonated with everything I believed in professionally and personally, such that becoming a practitioner was less of a choice and more the next step on my path. I graduated from my initial training in the spring of 2013 and began practicing immediately as I proceeded to earn three mastery certifications: children with special needs, high-performers, and vitality and anti-aging. I maintain a full-time practice dedicated exclusively to NeuroMovement, with the privilege of having been the first practitioner located in Vancouver, BC.


Giving the Gift of NeuroMovement

As a practitioner, I am inspired each day by the potential I am able to uncover and awaken within my clients. One of the greatest joys of my life was being able to help my mother who lived with significant scoliosis throughout her life. As she moved into her 70s, this vital and active woman who had stood only a half inch shorter than me 20 years earlier was severely stooped and giving away or hemming clothing that now dragged on the floor. In February of 2016, she visited me from Nova Scotia and over the course of two weeks had 16 lessons. We both marvelled with delight as she stood up straighter and straighter, moved more easily, and felt her pain subside.


Active Member of the NeuroMovement Community

When I work with clients, I connect them not only to my own practice but also to my wider professional community. Since 2013, I have spent many hours learning and practicing alongside Anat Baniel and other senior practitioners. I am committed to continually refining my practice and participate in several supervision and mentoring groups across Canada and the US. I was honoured to be invited to support Anat's five-day parent-child workshop in San Rafael, California, in September 2016 and have organized and collaborated to bring Anat to Canada on several occasions.