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There is free street parking available:

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If you have a disabled parking permit, you are allowed to park in residents' permit parking areas for up to three hours with your hang tag displayed. Learn more here.


Booking for the first time?

How to Book
You can book online or by calling me at (604) 812-5280. There are two online intake forms to fill in when you first book. The general intake form for the clinic will be sent to you automatically when you book in. I will personally send you the intake form specific to my NeuroMovement® practice. Please complete as much as you can prior to your arrival. Parents, please sign-in to the online booking system using your child’s name. If online booking is challenging for you, don't hesitate to call or email me for support.

First Appointments vs. Free Consultations

If you are unsure about whether the Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® will work for you, it would be best to book just one initial appointment before scheduling any others. I do not offer free consultations, as a full appointment is required to accurately assess your needs. In your first appointment, we can discuss the frequency of appointments that best suits your goals and financial means. If you want to start immediately with the best possible NeuroMovement experience, I recommend booking a multi-day intensive (see below for more details).

Booking a Multi-Day Intensive (RECOMMENDED)
Any involvement in NeuroMovement can be of benefit. However, you experience the most profound changes and get the best value for your money/time by scheduling concentrated clusters of lessons with time off between these clusters. This allows you to integrate what you have learned into your everyday life. 

When you have a single lesson followed by a large gap before the next lesson, your brain will need reminders of what it last learned before it is ready to build and learn new things. You can compare the experience to reading a complex novel. If you read just a chapter per week, you will spend a lot of time each week trying to remember who the characters are, what they were doing when you last left them, and other important details. In contrast, if you read a chapter each night, it is easier to follow the story.

For each intensive series, we focus on a particular function or set of functions and approach that theme from different angles. First-time clients can book an intensive online without coming for an initial visit. You can book up to two 45-minute lessons a day or three 30-minute lessons for small children (no pre-approval needed for these short lessons when booking multi-day intensives). Ideally, I would suggest that you book two lessons a day (or three short lessons) for three to five days. If this presents insurmountable difficulties for your schedule, you can book six to ten lessons over the course of three to ten days. Please note, you will need to book a minimum of an hour-long break in between lessons. For small children, leaving time for naps between lessons is ideal. If you are from out-of-town, find tips and details here for booking accommodations and staying in the neighbourhood. 

Home Visits
Generally, I do not do home visits. My work space is set up with all of the equipment I might need during the course of a lesson. For children, meeting at my work space also allows me to set the parameters of expected behaviour. In their own homes, children already have a series of expectations about how sessions with visiting therapists will run and can be frustrated or disappointed when those expectations are not met. I have, in very unusual circumstances, made exceptions and visited medically fragile clients in their homes.

Cancellation Policy
There is no charge for lessons cancelled due to illness. Naturally, this is an honour system. Booking an intensive series of lessons requires a measure of pre-planning and is often specific to a child's scheduling needs. Therefore, it is difficult to fill your lesson slots if you cancel with fewer than two weeks notice. As a courtesy to me and to other families, please cancel your series of lessons with at least two weeks notice. Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice may be subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to the cost of the lesson.

Choosing a Practitioner
For some clients, choosing a practitioner can be fairly straightforward. For others, the process may feel more challenging. To make progress, you and your NeuroMovement practitioner need to establish a relationship. Sometimes a perfectly wonderful practitioner won't be the right fit for a particular client. You need to evaluate whether your child and the practitioner, or you and the practitioner, have "connected."

Parents, please sign in to the online booking system using your child’s name.